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'L’oracolo' by Michele Cesaratto at MURKA, Florence

“L’oracolo” is a project stemming from the will to show an insight on the poetics of Cesaratto in a profound and comprehensive way, creating an immersive moment and environment, in which to linger, contemplate and understand. The ceremonial nature is predominant on several levels in the solo show: Michele's practice and his approach to art and pictorial matter; the installation conceived for the space; what will happen around it, everything refers to a supertemporal and mystical ritual universe. 
As indicated by the title, the inspiration to a peculiar dimension is evident, in which an authoritative figure or a prophetic response guides the fate of an audience, arousing devotion and sacredness, a form of respect and knowledge that crosses ordinary space-time boundaries.

Michele Cesaratto is an artist devoted to painting, closely linked to its consecutive phases, its alchemies, the properties of the materials used, the value of the millennial gestures that characterize it. He is also a creator of musical instruments and a musician, and his dual aptitude is poured into both disciplines, mixing them, enriching them with a singular added value. The pictorial works are transformed into objects that sing, that play the compositional harmonies of the artist, they are dense bodies, expressions of all-round visions.

Tradition is an essential fixed point in his artworks, which do not for this reason escape a dialogue, a lightness of approach and the acceptance of the contemporary. Their freshness actually cancels the planes of difference between past, present and future, transferring themselves to that spiritual level of communication that passes through a physical element and which is not immediately intuitive. As in the response of an oracle, there is a need for a translation phase, the so-called "divination", whose task here is entrusted to the viewers.

The artist actually does not want to present himself as an omnipotent figure who collects the solutions to everything within himself, but rather to become an instrument through his own paintings and the proposed installation of interpretative stimuli, signs and revelations for those who are about to marvel at these small precious glimmers on familiar but new worlds, in a fog where the binary and sharp distinctions blur between real and fantastic. The positive disorientation will be increased by the meticulous lingering on luminescent details, which produce an aura of rarity, similar to the collector's item both antique and not, as well as by the protagonist role of wood, never the same, an inexhaustible source of suggestions, textures and sonorities of an mature and evolving personal story.

4.4.23 — 6.4.23

Curated by Caterina Fondelli

Courtesy the artist, Spazio MURKA and C.F. Contemporary Fire

Photo Lena by Shaposhnikova


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