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'mareas' by Elizabeth Burmann at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago

"mareas" seeks to establish a panorama of reflection through the materials employed to present an environment that, in the artist's words, aims to "draw attention, to pause and reflect on phenomena, materialities, and processes that are easily overlooked or ignored at first glance. What I call the 'non-dominant.' I immerse myself in these realities from a material perspective, as I am particularly interested in emphasizing the damage caused by the crisis of dematerialization – understood as the disconnection between humanity, its industrial development, and the environment."

The exhibition comprises ten works that interact in dialogue, creating an immersive installation. Artisanal, industrial, and technological processes intersect in these works to give rise to distinct pieces. The techniques employed allude to the ornamental, with pieces primarily crafted from steel and soft metals, stained glass, and glass casting. These are combined with organic and mineral materials such as discarded mollusk shells and calcium carbonate.

The lighting and chromatic design of the exhibition create an enveloping atmosphere, prompting contemplation of the tide as a natural, mysterious, and contradictory force that follows lunar cycles. The artist proposes, "I find it interesting to consider the relationship between tides and the moon, as oceanic and celestial bodies culturally attributed with feminine qualities due to their changing, nurturing forces that, despite attempts to control them, occur beyond human influence." Thus, "mareas" is an invitation to imagine the scenes that the ocean floor would reveal, to dream of a dimension we cannot access but that materially impacts the surface on which we live.

2.8.23 — 13.8.23

Galeria Patricia Ready

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'mareas' by Elizabeth Burmann at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago

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