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'Masters and Servants', Group Show Curated by Guillaume Breton at Centre d’art Ygrec-ENSAPC, Aubervilliers

Masters and Servants brings together for the first time the works of the britist artist Rebecca Ackroyd and the French duo Villard&Brossard. The title refers to both: the band Depeche Mode (Master and Servant, 1984) and the Master and Servants Acts from industrial England of the 19th century, a set of now coercive labor laws, now forgotten. Two conceptions of inheritance meet - two strategies of molding and demoulding
impressions, anxieties, desires, fears and obsessions. It deals with collective and gendered unconsciousness, language, domesticity, techno-industrial and patriarchal domination and the power of ergonomic suggestion. That is, with a globalized inheritance which encumbers as much as it disposesesses by preventing other transmissions. It could be called «domination in inheritance»; pink and black as the jewel in the poem, the YouPorn interface, the sponge near the cooker, a shrimp on the tarmac.

18.6.22 — 30.7.22

Rebecca Ackroyd, Julie Villard and Simon Brossard

Centre d’art Ygrec-ENSAPC

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