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'Morangos com Açúcar', a Group Show at A Maior, Viseu


In their secret hideout, she looks at the test results. Suddenly, Diogo shows up, surprising her. “Have you been following me for a while?” she asks, disturbed. “I came here to clear my head. I didn’t know you were here”, he says. Beatriz gets up to leave but Diogo stops her, pointing to the letters carved in the wood. “We promised that we would be friends forever”, he reminds her. “I promised that to Rodrigo, not to you. Friends don’t lie nor betray each other”, she berates. “I swear I regret not doing things differently, but there’s no turning back”, Diogo bemoans. The argument gets heated. “I feel so stupid... I told you countless times that I would like to see you, I spoke of missing you, our fun times, our sad ones, I cried in your arms... and I never saw you get emotional about it.” With a touch of irony, she accuses him: “You were an excellent actor and therapist. You should get medals for that too”. Diogo looks down, ashamed. “You can stop pretending and keep this place. It’s yours. And I will never come back”, she shouts. “This place is ours. It belongs to our history”, he shouts back. Having decided to hide she is pregnant with his child, she lets him know: “I came to say goodbye to the past, Diogo. Goodbye.”

1.8.20 — 1.11.20

With works by COBRA, Keren Cytter, Sara Graça, Matt Hilvers, Sign Libra, Stefanos Mandrake, Stefanos Mandrake & Bill Lee, Beatrice Marchi, Luís Lázaro Matos, Eloísa Micaelo & Vaiapraia, Spencer Lai, Phung-Tien Phan, Will Powers, Alison Pyrke, Maria Reis & Sara Graça, Richard Sides, Le Tigre

And a selection of late 80’s, 90’s and 00’s Portuguese music videos featuring Pedro Abrunhosa & Os Bandemónio, Clã, Diana Bastos, GNR, Humanos, Madredeus, Ornatos Violeta, Quinta do Bill, Rádio Macau, Ritual Tejo, Silence 4, Toranja, Xanadú

A Maior

'Discounts' by Egon Van Herreweghe at CONVENT, Ghent

'Never Early but Always On Time', Group Show at Apartment 13, Providence

'Daybreak' by Elisa Barrera at Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf

'Hat Box' by Julie Malen at Catbox Contemporary, New York

'19742 Ceremony' by Dishon Yuldash at Daipyat, Voronezh

'STILL MAGIC', Group Show at Redkie Iskusstva, Saint-Petersburg

'Methods for Regional Stewardship' by Will Bruno at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'In Flames' by Inside Job at Lily Robert, Paris

'Spas Setun Dystopian Party Collection', Group Show at Spas Setun, Moscow

Money Gallery at BIENVENUE ART FAIR, Hotel La Lousiane, Paris

'Ok boomer', Group Show at Plague Space, Krasnodar

Greg Meza at ANDNOW/​WAREHOUSE, Dallas

'Von der schenkenden Tugend', Group Show at Zarinbal Khoshbakht, Cologne

Matthew Peers, Max Ruf at Lady Helen, Berlin

'Green changed to white, emerald to opal, nothing was changed' by Vadim Murin at

Chamber Realm at Dungeon, Detroit

'Bomba de humo (cloud point)' by Matias Solar at Relaciones Públicas, Mexico City

'Nocturne No. 1' by Brian Oakes at Mery Gates, New York

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