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'My purble place' by Alice Pilusi at L’ascensore, Palermo

"Even the worst cake can come back to shine with a sprinkling of powdered sugar"
Alice Pilusi

Welcome to the new and sparkling bakery entirely dedicated to the sweet creations of Alice Pilusi.
My purble place opens its doors to the public of Palermo with some new delicious creations which celebrate the decline of the patriarchy and the banality of objectification!!! Don’t’ miss our magnificent hollow cakes, our melted desserts fallen to the ground and then reassembled with the help of the whipped cream! 
Come visit us to admire the new amazing cakes by Alice Pilusi in all their desirable decadence.

31.10.21 — 4.12.21

Curated by Alberta Romano and Enzo Di Marino

Photo by Filippo Nicoletti


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