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'PPS: it’s a progressive fantasy {…}', Group Show at C u at Sadka, Krakow

“I asked myself not why I was alive but why I had lived. Out of expectation, I supposed and wondered whether I still expected anything. It seemed I did. Something more is always expected.” (Antonio di Benedetto, Zama, 2000, p. 193, New York Review Books: New York.) 

Progressive Fantasy can be understood as a fantasy sub genre which focuses on characters increasing in power and developing skills over time. It is an exploration of personal growth, triggered by a state of things where one’s vision can be at times obliterated by shortcomings. Seeing beyond its easy escapism label, it is an approach that can be empowering, allowing space for a fantastical projection of the self that in turn can foster self agency IRL. 

16.10.21 — 29.10.21

Flavio Degen, Karolina Jarzebak, Alice Morey, Julek Ploski, Lylla, Emmy Skensved, Agnieszka Szostek, and the Eggman Gallery Radio Hour

Photo by Grzegorz Podsiadlik

C u at Sadka

'Chatter 'round the pond', Group Show at Cantina, Aarhus

'Van Life' by Egon Van Herreweghe at Croxhapox, Gent

'WERKK.WERKK. LIVERPOOL.PAINTING.' by Victor Boullet at Lubov, New York

'CRUSH' by Artem Briukhov at CHIRKOV Gallery, Birsk

'Burn the Rain' by Troy Barrett at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'KALON GLAZ' by Victoria Palacios at Panamax, Liège

'Bodiesbodies', Group Show Curated by Lucrezia Galeotti and Giacomo Pigliapoco at

'la fiebre de las formas', Group Show at Colette Mariana, Barcelona

'Sunsets', Group Show at Everybody, Tucson

'Bushels of Goodness and Warmth' by Jordan Derrien at V.O Curations, London

'Etica, Tecnica e Pathos' by Marco Strappato at The Gallery Apart, Rome

'200 km/h in the Wrong Lane' by Mona Filleul at SIS123, La Chaux-de-Fonds

'Come Hell or High Water' by Rosario Aninat and Simon Shim Sutcliffe at Mutter, A

'PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics' by Skygolpe at Nighttimestory, Los Angeles

'Wardrobing' by Mitchel Cumming at Disneyland Paris, Perth

'Ouverture', Off-Site Show by Karina Azizova, Moscow-Istanbul-Paris

'Millennium Approaches' by Cole Lu at Nir Altman, Munich

'Momenti della verità' by Giulio Paolini at Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia

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