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'Prima di un'immagine dopo di un quadro' by Giulio Saverio Rossi at CAR DRDE, Bologna

CAR DRDE is glad to present the solo exhibition by Giulio Saverio Rossi (Massa, Italy, 1988) titled Prima di un’immagine dopo di un quadro (Before an image after a painting). The time passage of the title is close to the research of the artist about visibility and our perceptive system: the idea of our sight as a dynamic and creative action that broadens over time through image and painting. The two scopic regimes refer respectively to light as a realilty in which the gathering of all colours produces the white, the additive synthesis, and secondly they refer to subtractive synthesis of the material, in which the gathering of colours produces the black.
The project of the second solo show of the artist at the gallery displays a serie of new works united by the relationship between painting and light. This bond is demonstrated in its three forms: the mnemonic image of the light that impacts on the retina; the light manifested by the image of the fire and the light as a contradictory principle that distinguishes digital image (based on addictive synthesis) from pictorial image (based on the subtractive synthesis).
Starting from an analytical process, the artist converts his research on painting – meant both as a medium and a historical event made by quotations and recompositions – to the critique of traditional media, although it represents the ideal way of expression, capable of being also a wider narration (of time), avoiding the risk of anachronism.
A new text by Davide Ferri will accompany the show.

20.4.21 — 19.7.21


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