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'Punch-Drunk' by Yutaro Ishikawa at LAID BUG, Tokyo

Yutaro Ishikawa is a Tokyo-based artist who creates sculptures using pieces of clothing and wax. He started working on this unique medium in 2020, when he received a jacket from a friend who lives abroad. The clothes, which were still emanating the smell of perfume and cigarettes, had a special meaning to him, as they brought back fond memories of his time spent together with his friend. Inspired by this experience, Ishikawa started using wax to solidify clothes that symbolize his personal memories to then carve them into three-dimensional works.
In this exhibition, he expands on this method, that has become his signature, and takes on the challenge of creating an installation work.
The theme of this exhibition is a Japanese office worker suffering from overwork set in a boxing gym, connecting Ishikawa’s passion while exploring the Japanese society he was born in. To symbolize this situation, not only shirts and ties are used, but also various products that embody Ishikawa’s lifestyle will be deployed as materials to develop an installation that extends over the showroom featuring a locker and a punching bag.
Obedient to the work organization without any individuality... Devoting one’s life to the company and sacrificing a huge amount of time to work...
Such a stereotypical image of Japanese workers is humorously visualized by a bold approach unique to Ishikawa. Presenting the visitors with an exciting viewing experience.

— Toshifumi Kiuch

13.6.23 — 10.6.23

Photo by Yutaro Tagaw


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