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'SHOOCK! L’Estasi di Sinto Jacqueline e Mara' by MRZB, Lungo Stura Lazio, Turin

SHOOCK! L’Estasi di Sinto, Jacqueline e Mara is an exhibition presented by merzbau with props scavenged from Ultimo Impero, an abandoned club located in Airasca, in south of Turin, functioning as scenographic display to the works of the invited stylists, artists and musicians. Different mannequins dressed by Anna Bolina, Good & Bad (Marina M. Kolushiva, Victor Stuhlmann, Ossi Lehtonen), Junkie Foxx, text based contributions by Ivan Cheng and Rada Koželj, mixes by Kelman Duran, Golin, Trans Mom, Gigo8931, Moody Monday, define a space characterized by the randomic assonance and dissonance of the different medium and registers used and the contextual specificities. In between the decors of Ultimo Impero displaced in Lungo Stura Lazio, SHOOCK! L’Estasi di Sinto, Jacqueline e Mara attempts to outline a vision of artistic community, which opens up a space for unstable forms and unforeseen meanings in the breaking apart of the Individuated Identity through a gargantuan collective delirium. 



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Anna Solal, Arthur Marie Curated by Ilya Smirnov at Lily Robert, Paris

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'a fairy show II' at Veronica, Seattle

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