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'Wet Cookie Floor' by Yannick Val Gesto at Private Viewing

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There’s this beautiful quote I came across a few years ago, that seems relevant:

“Like generations before us, we are trying to forge a connection with the environment, trying to make sense of a world we’ve built but don’t really understand.”

Found this in an issue of Spike Art Magazine, from Ben Vickers or Hans Ulrich Obrist, I don’t know tbh.

Either way, as if life wasn’t complicated and wild enough without Covid-19.

I’ve heard some smart folks comparing this year of “lockdown” with going on retreat.
I can relate to that. It’s been confrontational to say the least.
Trying to let go of expectations.
Trying to let go of the ego.

The ego is fiendish.

I’m grateful for many things in my life.
Being able to push out this project is one of them.

(No such thing as a wet cookie floor.)
(Art documentation has become overly fetishized.)
(I used some textures from the game DOOM (1993).)
(Thank god for videogames.)
(Thank god for love, friends and family.)
(Thinking < doing)


Sorry for slide 4, my camera fell out of my hands.

Works on display:
A duck's tale
mixed media on canvas, digital collage
130 x 185 cm

Bonus footage (behind the scenes)
various works
Mixed media, monotype
21 x 29.7 cm

16.12.20 — 5.2.21

Yannick Val Gesto

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