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'WHELLCOME PRELUDE' by Alessandro Simonini at Edicola Radetzky, Milan

I have reached the end, there where the unthinkable presents itself as an abyss.
In front of this nothingness I can no longer move forward.
I can only retreat, contemplating the road traveled, and each time I backtrack I compose before me a reality.
I have known my complete loneliness, in the bottom of the bottom of the bottom.
Between life and death, in a continuous crisis, I keep my consciousness lit.
I no longer know who I am, oh infinite mystery, come to my aid.
I am the density of all that tries in vain to be formal.
Between two abysses I have waited and will continue to wait, I have eternity before my back.
I go where I am, seeking the truth, invisible.

WHELLCOME is an invitation to descend to the deepest matter, one's inner self, and in this shared catabasis the prelude to a dramatic irruption of the supernatural into the world.
It is the eventuality of an encounter with the mythical Cerberus infernalis triceps, a three-headed dog guarding the "invisible" realm.
A portal where this indistinct symbol lets interpretation move freely but at the same time keeps it at a distance, disorients it by becoming suggestion and a sign of the ineffable.

What is known is approximately so; what is perceived is so to a particular and changing extent. As if matter was being formed from these vapors and an unprecedented spiritual and mental force gave shape to it, or even if a potentiality turned into imaginative force, acquiring form and figure. 

4.5 — 22.5.22

Edicola Radetzky

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