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'WILD HORSES', Group Show at Haus N, Athens

There’s an ethereality to our experience of live music, embedded in venue construction, rehearsal and soundcheck, the performance and afterglow that lingers within every attendee exiting from a debris-filled venue. It is an artifact that endures time itself— from the corpse of the 20th-century rock movement to the late nights of modern-day club culture hedonism.

‘WILD HORSES’, a collaborative group exhibition by Fritz Schiffers, Lukas Stoever, Hannah Rose Stewart, and Matt Dell at Haus N— meditates on live music ephemera.

The exhibition invites attendees into a broken concert hall simulation to wander through live and static installations that explore themes of security, consumption, and memory.

Decontextualized from their usual environment, the devices and systems for entertainment seen in the exhibition make a clinical impression, straying from anthropic associations outside human surroundings. 

The exhibition opens with a maze of rail guards, forcing viewers onto a series of ephemera that evoke memories of consumption, anxiety, and collective experience.

Lukas Stoever’s installation adds to the controlling effect of the exhibition design with devices for consumption, a gesture to common inhibitions and desire situated in hollowed-out artifacts.

Fritz Schiffers photographs subvert the  experience of a party into a solemn and somewhat terrifying occasion, evoking the tension and anxiety one could feel, alienated in a crowd of strangers.

Alongside Schiffers, Hannah Rose Stewart’s works transition show’s focus towards individual and collective psychologies, delivering impressions of massive, empty ambiance’s that reminisce vistas of large-scale crowds. 

20.30.23 — 30.6.23

Photo by Lukas Stöver

Fritz Schiffers, Lukas Stover, Hannah Rose Stewart and Matt Dell

Haus N

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