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'You are a little soul carrying about a corpse' by Zuza Piekoszewska at Galeria Łęctwo, Poznań

Maybe it’ll be better one day, when we meet, once again, in a future that’ll look like the past, like the times when life was just about to form. Technology will never be as we know it now, and its effects will become overly apparent. It’ll be the time when the figments of our minds, abstract thoughts and forces gain a physical, objectivized representation, and we will be ultimately capable of perceiving them. Some of us will be finally able to realize them. Our old and fatigued youngling bodies were found to be ill-adapted to the tasks our reality has brought about for us. Apparently, technological progress spreads faster than evolution can handle. The ailments that were once a load, have freed our minds through pain. We have conveniently wrapped ourselves in a shell. Through eyeholes, we observe what is left of us, trying to create something we’ve never been ready for before. Our goo-filled bodies gave birth to insects that, similarly to the objects we once used, adopted our transformations and our handicaps. Their struggles are not ours anymore, although empathy creates an opportunity for development for everyone alike. Only now have we realized the importance of this relationship. The future undoubtedly appears to be more metaphysical than the past. Perhaps it’ll be better one day, when we finally return to the caves and when we’re not ashamed of it. We’ll no longer be frightened by what we see, we’ll no longer be sorrowful because we’re are not present anymore. Baffled by the direction our existence chose to pursue, we will watch ourselves as we dance around at a strange feast for old creatures.

— Przemek Sowiński

24.7.20 — 15.9.20

Curated by Przemek Sowiński

Galeria Łęctwo

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