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Michael Bussell

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'Terminal B', Group Show Curated by PLAGUE at Smena, Kazan

There’s the limitation where all marks must be permanent. Michael Bussell in con

'Shadow Banned' by Michael Bussell at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'Boreal Throne', Off-Site Group Project at Smena, Kazan

'Œuvres Collectives & Insectes Sélectionnés' by New Scenario at after hours, Pari

'CHERNOBYL PAPERS' by New Scenario, an online group exhibition inside the core zo

'The most weirdest things, make the most beautiful pictures' by Michael Bussell &

'Anticipatory Grief' by Michael Bussell at Vent Space, Baltimore

'How To Deal, Together' by Michael Bussell at Vent Space, Baltimore

'Sukkot', Off-site Group Show, Williamsburg, New York

'if walls could talk', a Group Show at darkZone, New Jersey

'A Table Walks Into a Bar' by Michael Bussell at Wild Flower, Baltimore