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Zsófia Keresztes

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'Glossy Inviolability' by Zsófia Keresztes at Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York

'Sunbaked Thirst With Love' by Tom Volkaert and Zsófia Keresztes at ENA Viewing S

'La Revedere', a Group Show at Schimmel Projects, Dresden

'This Placement: 50/50', a Group Show Curated and Organized by Daniel Hüttler at

'Sticky Fragility' by Zsófia Keresztes at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

'Acéphale', a Group Show at aqb Project Space, Budapest

'Haptic House', a Group Show Curated by Penny Rafferty at HORSEANDPONY, Berlin

'The Rest / In Peace', a Group Show at 115-106, Budapest

'Facing Enemies, Melting Opposites' by Zsófia Keresztes at Karlin Studios, Prague

'Occupations of Uninhabited Space', a Group Show at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

'Afterbirth of a Dream' at Meet Factory, Prague