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Berlinskej model

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'EARTH BØRING', a Group Show at Berlinskej Model, Prague

'The Clan Of Softness And Honor ' by Anna Slama & Marek Delong at Berlinskej Mode

'Tomorrow we're one, my friend' by Lenka Glisníková at Berlínskej model, Prague

'SWAMP', a Group Show at Berlinskej Model w. Galerie Tobias Naehring, Prague

'Broken Hearted Wine' by Anežka Hošková at Berlinskej Model, Prague

'What Would Flower Say' by Masha Kovtun and Klára Jakešová at Berlinskej model, P

'Soft Gator Boy' by Sebastian Burger and Cassidy Clingman at Berlinskej Model, Pr

'Too proud to hope, too weak to climb' by Radek Brousil at Berlinskej model, Prag