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'Incomplete Nature' by Philipp Simon at Kirchgasse, Steckborn

An eternity passed without sense. Basic substance and fibres wafted around, touched each other lifelessly and drifted away again. 

Nothing wanted to be anything. 

At some point, the pieces fell into a directed movement; hesitantly at first, but then they tended more and more urgently towards a gravitational well, from which something structuring rose. Something began to roll clarifyingly through the space, leaving behind beautiful connections. 

The new order consisted of finely tuned links that immediately became entangled in reciprocal work – everywhere rattled syntheses – here something assembled, there something split off, elsewhere a stable filament emerged from remnants that stretched taut like a sail. 

Naturally, structures also emerged that behaved like containers. With them, mental edges and boundaries were formed that gave the unsuspecting matter representative meaning; useful information could suddenly be gained from confused movements. In context, this information ultimately established a sustainable framework of meaning, and things that could be confidently said to exist henceforth determined the picture. 

— Philipp Simon (Susanne Kaelin)

4.9.22 — 16.10.22

Photo by Cedric Mussano


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