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'The Ghost in Me' by Bri Williams at Murmurs, Los Angeles

'Shedding the Third Skin', Group Show Curated by Ben Sang at Final Hot Desert, Mi

'Eyes larger Foreheads Longer Fingers Crossed' by Aniara Omann & Nicolas Pelzer a

'PSYCHO', a Group Show at East Hampton Shed & Tow, New York

'Here Forever' by Genevieve Goffman at Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York

'What on Earth' by Tess Bilhartz at Super Dutchess, New York

'MIDDAY' by Adam Alessi at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'Cicada Songs, Decaying Petrichor' by Chen Pin Tao at Sedentary Enslavement, Laha

'Game' by Viktor Timofeev at MX Gallery, New York

☼ by chukwumaa + Zoë Argires at New Works, Chicago

'In This Light I Can Count Your Lives' by Philip Hinge, Final Hot Desert, Goblin

'Bar None' by Mathis Collins at 15 Orient, New York

'Teaching a perv how to eat honeysuckle' by Faysal Altunbozar at Prairie, Chicago

'You've Got Eyes in the Back of your Head' by Susan Classen Sullivan at Catbox Co

'Giantess' by Rose Dickson at Melanie Flood Projects, Portland

'This Land is Your Land' by Andre Yvon at darkZone, New Jersey

'Trap Paintings' by Michelle Uckotter at A.D., New York

Vladislav Markov at M23, New York

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