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'Sunsets', Group Show at Everybody, Tucson

Everybody is pleased to present Sunsets, an exhibition with artists Amy Granat and Shane Rossi, along with collaborative projects Sundblad / Granat Films and DIRT.  
Did it really happen, or was it a dream? Have dreams merged into memories and memories of memories, I am no longer sure. I only remember that grandfather was very old. And that he used to look like one of the images on the icons that graced and guarded our old house. Whenever I looked in the garden among the apple trees and pear trees, currant bushes and
gooseberries I could be sure to catch the gleam of his saintly white beard. 
I remember too, that it was a sultry summer’s day and everything around me was beautiful the orchard, the vegetable patch, the sunflowers and poppies, and the ripening cornfields beyond the orchard…

— Text excerpted from the screenplay Earth (1930) by Oleksandr Dovzhenk

8.12.22 — 28.1.23

Amy Granat with Shane Rossi, Sundblad / Granat Films, and DIRT


'Fantastic Epiphany' by Malwine Stauss & Naiyun Yang at La Felce, Cologne

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