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'hapy like a fly' by Clément Courgeon at Colette Mariana, Barcelona

'Chuletas' by Josep Maynou at Bombon, Barcelona

'Un perfume sin soporte, un gasto puro' by Marina Glez. Guerreiro and Raúl Lorenz

'la fiebre de las formas', Group Show at Colette Mariana, Barcelona

'She’s out hunting' by Claudia Dyboski at Cordova, Barcelona

'Today could be your day', Group Show Curated by Ali A. Maderuelo and Julia Caste

'PANHUMANO' by Calabash Kids at Cordova, Barcelona

'Però no tinc temps...' by Paco Chanivet, Guillermo Ros at Espai Tactel Toormix,

'Sanpaku Eyes', a Group Show at Espai Tactel, Barcelona

'Turba Turbo' by Martin Llavaneras at La Capella, Barcelona

'Tiny Furniture 2/ Los pequeños muebles 2' by Jaakko Pallasvuo at Cordova, Barcel

'Return of the Junker. JM2000' by Josep Maynou and Jordi Mitjà at Bombon Projects

'AS_TR_Y /_NTEN__R / IN_ENTAR' by Alejandro Palacín at Nogueras Blanchard, Barcel

'I heard a heartbeat down in the black hole' by Tau Lewis and Patty Kelly at Cord

​'Trace or Save 20% (Igual y Rival)' ​by Pepo Salazar at Cordova, Barcelona

'Perfectamundo' by Joel Dean at Cordova, Barcelona

Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho in collaboration with Harry Burke at Cordova, Barcelona

'Puppy Love' by Sgàire Wood at Cordova, Barcelona

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