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'Un perfume sin soporte, un gasto puro' by Marina Glez. Guerreiro and Raúl Lorenzo at Estrany de la Mota Gallery, Barcelona

"Un perfume sin soporte, un gasto puro" is Marina Glez. Guerreiro and Raúl Lorenzo's first exhibition in Barcelona. The proposal is specifically designed for the space and collects a dialogue that the two artists have been having for several years while also opening new paths and personal investigations.
"Objects are then displayed as fetishes - in their dual psychological and economic aspects - productions that have lost their utilitarian value to become magical works, in the sense that Agamben explains that only magic can truly make us happy. Like what 'awaits us only at the point where it was not destined for us,' that is, beyond productive and predictable rationality, like wonder and confusion. Gifts that are hidden in the secret language of an old love letter or in the uncovered layers of an iron column. Coins, for example, go from being the inert representatives of measurement, consumption, and financial exchange to becoming references of drawings - in Marina's case - or materials of an almost alchemical fusion - in Raúl's case -, thus losing their mere pragmatic component. The refrigerator magnets seem to be disorderly witnesses of forgotten moments, and the marks of the paintings are remnants of past actions. Perhaps that which Bergson calls the moving is nothing more than the passage of time, that reality which we try to grasp but which always moves two steps ahead of us - breaking the established script."

— Aurélien Le Genissel

21.1.23 — 5.3.23

Photo by Roberto Ruiz

Estrany de la Mota Gallery

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