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'PANHUMANO' by Calabash Kids at Cordova, Barcelona


Calabash Kids
​ is a collective of artists and/or musicians. The collective’s methodology is all-encompassing; making, displaying, performing, playing music, scavenging, selling, living and sleeping. Hence what is on display in the installation ​PANHUMANO, ​the collective’s first exhibition, is a collection of calabash sculptures in a designated display space, a bunkbed-cum work table, several homemade and modified instruments, printing and sewing stations equipped with the raw materials necessary to continue production and conduct workshops throughout the course of the exhibition, and a time-money machine that prints ‘Calabash Kid’ currency. Viewers are invited to interact with the works, play the instruments, and buy clothes, artworks and currency, the proceeds of which go back to the collective to fund their plans to start a mobile youth educational platform. 


21.11.20 — 16.1.21

Photo by Roberto Ruiz


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