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'She’s out hunting' by Claudia Dyboski at Cordova, Barcelona

Antoni Hervás at Okela Sormen Lantegia, Bilbao

'Today could be your day', Group Show Curated by Ali A. Maderuelo and Julia Caste

'Big Snake Little Snake, Prey' by Christian Lagata at CAAC, Seville

'PANHUMANO' by Calabash Kids at Cordova, Barcelona

'A promise' by Marina González Guerreiro at Rosa Santos, Valencia

'Backstage' by Disruptive/Pattern at A10, Valencia

'Però no tinc temps...' by Paco Chanivet, Guillermo Ros at Espai Tactel Toormix,

'I lost a picture I had saved' by Hadaly Villasclaras at Factoría de Arte y Desar

'LMXJVSD' by Marina G Guerreiro at Pols, Valencia

'Un gesto que permanece', a Group Show at Salón, Madrid

'Sanpaku Eyes', a Group Show at Espai Tactel, Barcelona

'Unchained Vol. 1' by Guillermo Ros and Alberto Feijóo at A10, Valencia

'Turba Turbo' by Martin Llavaneras at La Capella, Barcelona

'Tiny Furniture 2/ Los pequeños muebles 2' by Jaakko Pallasvuo at Cordova, Barcel

Demise: of a Dream + Smegma at A10, Valencia

'Pisces' by Adam Cruces at Galeria Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca

'Return of the Junker. JM2000' by Josep Maynou and Jordi Mitjà at Bombon Projects

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