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'DISTIRA' by Irati Inoriza at Galeria Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca

There is a relationship that we understand as magical when we submerge and emerge back. Crossing the surface of the water becomes a symbolic act that can be identified in different cultures as transformation rites. 

There are many stories from ancient times that speak about transformation closely linked to life and death, to rituals that symbolize the creative and destructive power of water. Like Maori's traditional story which talks about a magical lake that had the ability to transform life. This power came from the moon submerging itself in the river water to die there, but it emerged alive from there in a new form to return to the sky. A story where death is not an end, it is only the prelude to a change of form. 

Irati Inoriza presents an exhibition articulated through a series of pieces and reflections that are suspended in a line of transit between what they are and what they can be. The works that compose it create a tension through a game of symbolic elements and forms that invite the bodies to move from one state to another and give us the possibility of entering another place. 

Distira means brightness in Basque, specular apparitions which try to keep their trace like a flickering light, even if it is only in the memory of their vision. A light that shines mysteriously and leaves the trail of a new form and new meanings in its fragility from an imprecise and deep place for the gaze. 

It is curious to see how the reflected things dissolve in the water and in their movement invite the viewer to enter into a second reality, where the surface of the water acts as a liminal space to move from a known place to another undiscovered one. 

The doubled images from the exhibition invade the viewer's space and move between the real world and its phantasmagoria, creating a series of relationships in which everything is sustained by the possibility of being something else on the edge of the visibility. 

— Pilar Soler Montes 

25.3.23 — 1.6.23

Photo by by Grimalt de Blanch

Galeria Fran Reus

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