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New York

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'It's All Chemical' by Julia Colavita at Assembly Room, New York

'Glossy Inviolability' by Zsófia Keresztes at Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York

'Eye to Eye Delirium' by Sofia Sinibaldi at Interstate Projects, New York

'New Psychedelia of Industrial Healing' by Sharona Franklin at King’s Leap, New Y

'Lotosesser' by Ernst Yohji Jaeger at 15 Orient, New York

'Nobodies' by Andra Ursuta at Ramiken, New York

'Souvenirs From Belgium' by Tom Volkaert at Catbox Contemporary, New York

'CHANNEL STREAMING', a Group Show at BEVERLY’S, New York

'My Grief Is Gain When You Cannot Mock It' by Hanna Umin at Mole End, New York

'Spider Silk', a Group Show at A.D., New York

'Dig Your Own Hole', a Group Show at Franz Kaka, New York

'Dream of the Palace' by Willard Klein and Emma Pryde at Alyssa Davis Gallery, Ne

Philipp Simon at 15 Orient, New York

'Almost Empty, Almost Perfect' by Andre Yvon at Step Sister, New York

'Skin Come Leather' by Lukas Hofmann at Art in General, New York

Nico Colón & Diego Salvador Rios at Gern en Regalia, New York

'Cat Scratch Fever' by Philip Hinge at Step Sister, New York

'THE KING’S TWO BODIES' by Bea Orlandi at Interstate Projects, New York