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'Patience Note II' by Shogo Shimizu 清水将吾 at No Gallery, New York

It’s difficult to write about Shogo Shimizu’s work without entirely contradicting its tortured charm. Situated uniformly across the walls of No Gallery; rather, the 22 uniquely framed works find themselves perfectly contextualizing; enacting the circular sustaining process of ingestion and excretion that the drawings (Shimizu works almost exclusively on paper) picture. Exceedingly anxious, the work attracts beyond the artist’s obvious facility; capitalizing upon a collective voyeuristic fascination with the train-wreck of the perpetual teenage; i.e., punk; and the appeal of witnessing a violence only physically possible in the space of an imaginary. 

Those unfamiliar with the Japanese language, or references particular to this culture, traditional and contemporary, nonetheless enter a familiar if uncomfortable psychic space via Shimizu’s evocation of the body, its fluid and flex vulnerability; and, the fashion in which it’s sheltered, confined, exposed and transformed. A Man Whose Mouth and Urethra Have Been Replaced and Whose Head, Bad Kidneys, and Penis Are Docked, Pissing in a Public Toilet; or, internalized violence and a cast shadow of the oppressively polite and cute as highly functioning - generative. 

— Jeffrey Rosen

6.9.23 — 8.10.23

No Gallery

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