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'Two Birds, One Stone' by Chris Lloyd + Sara Yukiko Mon at Gern en Regalia, New Y

'Red Giant' by Zuza Golińska at Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wrocław

'Bower of Bliss' by Madeline Kuzak at Dungeon, Detroit

'TARANTULA', Group Show at Sonnenstube, Lugano

'Alas! Mocktales to Infinity' by Jan Gatewood at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'Mouth of Darkness', Off-Site Show by Andro Eradze, Tbilisi

Armen Avanessian: ‘The present derives from the future, and therefore we need to understand the future to understand the present and not the other way around. This also implies a very different way of understanding what truth is. Truth is no longer what is here and now in front of us as we address it and try to say something adequate to what we see, but rather we have to preempt it, we have to grasp something of our reality before it arrives, which asks for very different concepts in a very different intellectual and artistic practice’. More…

GOTHIC PASTORAL: Slouching in freefall by Underground Flower and Rhizome Parking

Nuno Patrício, O Fluxo: ‘Thankfully, there is a place for everything to exist in

'Domenica' by Giovanna Belossi & Francesco De Bernardi at Lokal-Int, Biel

'Artist Crisis Center II: Tact Gear' by Ieva Kraule-Kūna & Elīna Vītola at P/////

'Origins' by Hyperlink Athens

'Ello Govna' by Robert Hawkins & Bora Akinciturk at The Residence Gallery, London

Kuba Bąk, 'A Whole Other Level': Touristic, mythological, spiritual, heroic and artistic journeys into the depths of the underworld constantly serve to reinforce the connection between life and death. Blades cut out of metal, devoid of a hilt, strange weapons that hurt both perpetrator and victim, were sent into the guts of Earth. This telluric journey could be a tale of an escape from the eternally insatiable demon of the art world. More…

'EVROREMONT' by Masha Kovtun at City Surfer Office, Prague

'Playset' by Emma Pryde at Mickey, Chicago

From Birth(1# Spleen)​, Jordan Dawson presented by mrzb at ​Lungo Stura Lazio​, T

'Always Chasing Rainbows' by Jonathan Santoro at The Galleries at Moore, Philadel

'The inside of my inside is my outside' by Becket MWN at Broadway (bcc), Amsterda

POST.CONSUMER.CULT 2020 by Iain Ball

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