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'ANT/BUG' by Rémi Lécussan at Glassbox Sud, Montpellier

'THY EVERY CREATURE ART ON THE EARTH' by Artyomm Seeela at Plague Space, Krasnoda

'Politics As Usual' by Elzie Williams III at M23, New York

'uno' by Eughenio Grechi at Kurlina Mansion, Samara

'LATERAL' by Laura Langer at BRAUNSFELDER, Cologne

'LIFE' by Gleb Trishkin, curated by Lika Sidorina at Spas Setun, Moscow

Dane Sutherland in conversation with Samuel Capps: 'I think it's naive to think the world can live under some new techno-utopia as Capitalism and the elites already won a long time ago. This became obvious in the 80s with cyberpunk presented as a chaotic, technology induced, end-game capitalism, struggle for survival. The more people and inventions we have, the more complex things become, especially in the urban environment, where the majority of the world’s population now lives'. More…

'Jacob’s Edge', Group Show at lower_cavity, Holyoke

'Placeholder Sculptures' by Francesco De Prezzo at Form, Wageningen

'Eyecatcher' by Vanya Venmer at DEVYATNADTSAT' gallery, Moscow

'Non-fiction Sculpture' by Dan Vogt at Shore, Vienna

'Liz’s Childhood Computer: Elizabeth’s Palace' by Liz Vitlin at A.D., New York

'Sashas', Group Show Curated by Marija Orlova at Garage Studios, Moscow

'MOUTHLESS Part I' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė: 'In Greek and Roman mythology, the Mouthless - Astomi, also known as the Gangines, are an ancient legendary group of people who had no need to eat or drink anything at all. They survived by smelling apples and flowers. Megasthenes (and later Pliny the Elder quoting Megasthenes) mentioned these people in his Indica. Megasthenes located them at the mouth of the river Ganges. In his description, they had rough and hairy bodies and no mouths. When traveling, they would carry roots, flowers and apples to smell. More…

'Menagerie Delegation Visits the Tower to Utopian Aspirations/Делегация зверинца

'The Post New' by David Attwood at Moore Contemporary, Perth

'Gender Excretions' by Laurie Mlodzik at Kaiserwache, Freiburg

'Happiest Places', Group Show at Kunstverein Siegen

'FLAG' by Alix Prada & Anna Solal at CODOTTO48, Rome

'Chuletas' by Josep Maynou at Bombon, Barcelona

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