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4 x 4 by ARCHIVARIUS x Acid Racer, 2022


Hey, can you get us a cab? There's a lot of heavy stuff(

How much is it approximately?


I can drop some money off to make it quicker

Let's do it 🙏🙏


I'll send it to you right away

Thank you!!!

Missed Call 17:31

I want to meet you and take you there

Outgoing Call 17:32, 37 seconds

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We got out of the cab

Everything was right


We'll take a cab up there now

Tell me the number of the cab and the region, pls. I'll make a pass

I'm standing at the entrance, I'll tell you where to go if needed

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Outgoing Call 17:44, 3 seconds

article image; primary-color: #63676A;
We're lost

There are factories and fences everywhere

article image; primary-color: #65696C;
I think I got here

article image; primary-color: #6583A7;
We couldn't get through( here's the building, but there's a fence

According to the map we are super close.

She's gonna find you now



Direction / Photography: Vitaly Bezpalov


Performers: Ilya Egorov, Grisha Drach, Rostislav Petryaev

Special thanks to Lera Matsueva


'Van Life' by Egon Van Herreweghe at Croxhapox, Gent

'WERKK.WERKK. LIVERPOOL.PAINTING.' by Victor Boullet at Lubov, New York

'CRUSH' by Artem Briukhov at CHIRKOV Gallery, Birsk

'Burn the Rain' by Troy Barrett at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'KALON GLAZ' by Victoria Palacios at Panamax, Liège

'Bodiesbodies', Group Show Curated by Lucrezia Galeotti and Giacomo Pigliapoco at

'la fiebre de las formas', Group Show at Colette Mariana, Barcelona

'Sunsets', Group Show at Everybody, Tucson

'Bushels of Goodness and Warmth' by Jordan Derrien at V.O Curations, London

'Etica, Tecnica e Pathos' by Marco Strappato at The Gallery Apart, Rome

'200 km/h in the Wrong Lane' by Mona Filleul at SIS123, La Chaux-de-Fonds

'Come Hell or High Water' by Rosario Aninat and Simon Shim Sutcliffe at Mutter, A

'PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics' by Skygolpe at Nighttimestory, Los Angeles

'Wardrobing' by Mitchel Cumming at Disneyland Paris, Perth

'Ouverture', Off-Site Show by Karina Azizova, Moscow-Istanbul-Paris

'Millennium Approaches' by Cole Lu at Nir Altman, Munich

'Momenti della verità' by Giulio Paolini at Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia

'Dead Mall Nails' by Anastasia Sviridenko and Lukas Malte Hoffmann at Formis, Tam

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