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4 x 4 by ARCHIVARIUS x Acid Racer, 2022


Hey, can you get us a cab? There's a lot of heavy stuff(

How much is it approximately?


I can drop some money off to make it quicker

Let's do it ­čÖĆ­čÖĆ


I'll send it to you right away

Thank you!!!

Missed Call 17:31

I want to meet you and take you there

Outgoing Call 17:32, 37 seconds

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We got out of the cab

Everything was right


We'll take a cab up there now

Tell me the number of the cab and the region, pls. I'll make a pass

I'm standing at the entrance, I'll tell you where to go if needed

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Outgoing Call 17:44, 3 seconds

article image; primary-color: #63676A;
We're lost

There are factories and fences everywhere

article image; primary-color: #65696C;
I think I got here

article image; primary-color: #6583A7;
We couldn't get through( here's the building, but there's a fence

According to the map we are super close.

She's gonna find you now



Direction / Photography: Vitaly Bezpalov


Performers: Ilya Egorov, Grisha Drach, Rostislav Petryaev

Special thanks to Lera Matsueva


'FAM', Group Show at Zape, Valencia

'Firefly' by Arthur Golyakov at IP Vinogradov, Moscow

'Truite arc-en-ciel' by Romain Vicari at Les Ateliers DLKC, Ariege

'VITALY' by Vitaly Bezpalov at Devyatnadtsat, Moscow

'Nightcrawlers' by Pinar Marul at Eldem Sanat Alan─▒|F─▒r─▒n, Eskisehir

'Cavity' by Christian Vindelev and Nicky Sparre-Ulrich at Fensmarkgade 23, Copenh

'Garfield in 2D', Group Show at Disneyland Paris, Perth

'Center of the Universe' by Sylvie Hayes-Wallace at Bad Water, Knoxville

'Street Magic', Group Show at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'Bitter Cup' by Ben Sang at Spas Setun, Moscow

'veiled dreams - the happier mind', Group Show at Loggia, Vienna

'Eolith' Off-Site Group Show at Sault-au-R├ęcollet Mill, Montreal

'A Healthy Dose of Nihilism', Group Show at The Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Co

'RAMA DA SASA SAY SO AND' by Antonia Brown & Chlo├ę Royer, Hosted by Fitzpatrick G

'Lock' by Rachel F├Ąth at Loggia, Munich

'Unconsciously yours', Group Show at SET Studios New Cross, London

'NERVOUS DUST' by Martin Maeller at Kunstverein G├Âttingen

Lucas Dupuy, Louis Morl├Ž in Warden Point, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

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