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'After petal fall spray' by Sol Hashemi at Veronica, Seattle

All beings alter their environment in some way, and other beings respond to these modifications. Living through signs, in a world rooted in semiosis across species, it becomes difficult to distinguish boundaries between things. When a distinction between the self and environment collapses, what is a nature photographer to do? 

The photographic process molts into a photograph of process. No longer depicting a landscape nor a topography, the photograph becomes a holographic fragment of Earth, not land nor soil, and is devoid of a unifying perspective. A singular process is not represented and claimed as art. Instead, a shifting interface forms between webs of dynamic processes which include the Gaia photographer. This zone can be called an ecotone, a word used in environmental science to refer to a transition area between communities of organisms. From this ecotone, artworks pop up, functioning as ecotones themselves, both localized in the particularities of how they form and yet holding the image of Earth processes within. 

An ecotone is a place where organisms are in tension. Think of the string of a guitar; the finger moved to fret; a note gnawed into another. Each artwork is a unique interface between habitats - home to ideas, ideologies, references, and cultural niches that can all be foraged. The artwork holds these for one to return to when needed. Foraged items often require processing, needing to be fermented, macerated, braised, or perhaps dried. The windows that frame the harvesting seasons are short and often not in alignment. One must remember, or be reminded, of when and where to return. 

— Sol Hashemi, On the Artwork as Ecotone: Towards Gaia Photography, 2021

16.4.22 — 28.5.22


'Thundercage 31' by Matthias Odin and Valentin Begarin at Thunder Cage, Aubervill

'Brown Carpet' by Harley Kuyck-Cohen at Slugtown, Newcastle

'Big Pie' by Anna Taganzeva-Kobzeva at devyatnadtsat gallery, Moscow

'The Remains of Genetic Salon' by Bobby Yu Shuk Pui at Podium, Oslo

'Ultra-gentle manipulation of delicate structures' by Alicia Adamerovich at Proje

'Unfollow you, dark doom, honey' by Nika Temeeva at Spas Setun, Moscow

'NOCLIPLILT' by Rolf Nowotny 
at Simian
, Copenhagen

'Sombre Dimanche' by Julie Béna at Longtermhandstand, Budapest

'ANIMA MUNDI' by Gwen and Ernest Gachet at 13 Vitrine, Prilly

'Through Puberty to Success', Group Show at Shore, Vienna

'Ominous Tales of a Dreaming Wrinkle', Group Show at Scherben, Berlin

‘PO RA’ by Stasia Grishina and Anton Andrienko at IP Vinogradov, Moscow

'The Hierarchy of Lows' by Laura Gozlan at Les Bains-Douches, Alençon

'I heard myself close my eyes, then open them', Group Show at BRAUNSFELDER, Colog

'The Eye, the Hands, the Lunacy of Lunar Sightings' by Monia Ben Hamouda at jevou

'Penumbra' by Sarah Księska at Ramiken, New York

'Neuzeit Grotesk', Group Show Curated by Camila McHugh at Gunia Nowik Gallery, Wa

'not before it has forgotten you' by Group Show at NıCOLETTı, London

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