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'Active cycles of constant expansions' by Facundo Jesus Lugea at Nighttimestory,

'Automatic Wag', Off-Sete Group Show Curated by Joe Greer in Mafera Dog Park

'Coagulation' by Jack Ryan at Baader-Meinhof, Omaha

'only only makes sense if there’s nothing else' by Taka Kono at darkZone, New Jer

'Body Without Organs
' by Matt Smoak at BAD WATER, Knoxville

'Flesh of Earth' by Suzanna Zak at Prairie, Chicago

'You Likey?' by Joe W. Speier at King’s Leap, New York

'God Is in the Details', Group Show Curated by Reilly Davidson at Super Dutchess,

'Barren Oracle, Breath of Cinders' by Urbain Checcaroni & Hanna Umin, Presented b

'DOG' by Viktor Timofeev at Interstate Projects, New York

'Sighs and Leers and Crocodile Tears' by Sula Bermúdez-Silverman at Murmurs, Los

'Low-Life' by Justin Chance at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'DATE PODER' by André Magaña at King’s Leap, New York

'All by Myself' by Kevin Tobin at Lubov, New York

Ljiljana Blazevska at 15 Orient, New York

'Hollow Core Kouros' by Hanna Umin at Love, New York

'Mirror vs. mold', Group Show at Other Subject, New York

'Falconer', Off-Site Group Show, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

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