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'Memorial Universe!' by Ella Rose Flood at Jargon Projects, Chicago

'This Is Not A Body' by Panteha Abareshi at Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angels

'A Curve of Many' by Cudelice Brazelton IV at Murmurs, Los Angeles

'Crash with Alexandra Metcalf' by Alexandra Metcalf at From the Desk of Lucy Bull

'Floor Paintings, Chair Paintings' by Nick Perr at Jargon Projects, Chicago

'EMPEDOCLES' by Lara Joy Evans Presented by Final Hot Desert at Whipple Cave, Lun

'Bless This Life' by Valentina Vaccarella at No Gallery, New York

'LACK' by Lub Poeem at Baader-Meinhof, Omaha

'Tiptoe Hassle' by Jan Gatewood at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'KYLE' by Erin Calla Watson at Larder, Los Angeles

'Sleeping Twin', Off-Site Group Show, Chicago

'The Disjunctive Synthesis between Andre Weil AND Camburn/Schumacher' by Connor C

'Beginners' by Noah Furman at Bad Water, Knoxville

'The Sexy Show', Off-Site Group Project at Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas

'INITIATION PARTY', Off-Site Group Show at Ocean Hotel, Miami Beach

'Never Early but Always On Time', Group Show at Apartment 13, Providence

'Hat Box' by Julie Malen at Catbox Contemporary, New York

'Methods for Regional Stewardship' by Will Bruno at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

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