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'Mal', Off-Site Show at the James River Pipeline, Richmond

'Glossy Inviolability' by Zsófia Keresztes at Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York

'Eye to Eye Delirium' by Sofia Sinibaldi at Interstate Projects, New York

'A Tinkling Sound', a Group Show at Kunsthalle Wichita

'New Psychedelia of Industrial Healing' by Sharona Franklin at King’s Leap, New Y

'Another Night in Dream City' by Seán Boylan at Stranger, Baltimore

'DIGESTING DUCK ENTRY LEVEL POSITION' by Isabelle Frances McGuire at From the Des

'Dewdrop Toadstool Hopscotch' by Isabelle Adams at Garthim, Mattheissen State Par

'From the Xmas Tree of Lucy Bull 2', a Group Show at From the Desk of Lucy Bull,

'Lotosesser' by Ernst Yohji Jaeger at 15 Orient, New York

'Sleep Ambassador' by Joe Greer at Sinkhole Project, Baltimore

'Custom', a Group Show at GAS, Los Angeles

'Nobodies' by Andra Ursuta at Ramiken, New York

'BEAST ON ITS BACK', Off-Site Show Curated by Anna Frost & John Garcia in Malibu’

'Souvenirs From Belgium' by Tom Volkaert at Catbox Contemporary, New York

'CHANNEL STREAMING', a Group Show at BEVERLY’S, New York

'Crap Aggregate' by Kristin Cammermeyer at Brittany, Vallejo

'Retrospect 1996-2019' by Kaspars Groševs at darkZone, New Jersey