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'Airhead' by Mia Line at Ok Corral, Copenhagen

The exhibition Airhead is a thought, a movement and a head…an arrowhead, that is. 

A sculptural downdraft. An arrowhead moves through the air until it loses momentum and falls to earth, forgotten and buried until several thousand years later when it is dug up and its purpose has changed from function to sign. 
Through animating gestures Line creates a situation where the arrowhead becomes the protagonist and shares its outlook on life as a carrier of history and physics. 

The title of the exhibition plays with an ambiguous interpretation of the slang airhead. An airhead is a scatterbrain and a silly person, but at the same time airy thoughts are thought to happen in heads. 

The place where we are now is (a basement, but) in the milieu of heights. 

6.3.20 — 29.4.20

Ok Corral

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