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'Alas! Mocktales to Infinity' by Jan Gatewood at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

Drawing can either...

A: Generate form
B: Register personal emotion
C: Both A & B are correct and the question is constantly recurring 

Walk around cruelty and find the funny in it... 

Oops, upside your head and underneath the bridge
Come into our world and the whole forest will converse... Trust our DUST 

Produce, Reduce, Reuse.
Dust is the scattered remains of all we’ve seen. 

Ok, stop. What’s happening is a meditation on selected pins in the brain. The nucleus is collage. Now, fuse the formal restrictions and the result is the harmonious contradiction embodied. 

The beginning was the end... join the mythocracy 

13.11.20 — 1.1.21

Smart Objects

'A sight to cover the site of impact', Off-Site project by Sierra Shooting Associ

'A Selene Blues' by Giulia Essyad at Fri Art Kunsthalle, Fribourg

'Disparaitre(Geneve)' by Ethan Assouline at Zabriskie Point, Geneva

'Kozel - Alkazar (Early Access)', Online Show for Zaazrak|Dornych experimental sp

'Black Tarantula' at Lungo Stura Lazio, Turin

'The Leaking Bodies Series' by Barbara Kapusta at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

'(...) Ninfa' by Vincent Lo Brutto at Chapelle Saint-Jean, Mulhouse

'Indoor feelings, and single-door kennels in your soul' by Robert Roest with Cinn

'Istaqsinaayok' by Bradford Kessler at Kunsthalle Wichita

'Spans' by Olga Pedan at Jakob Forster, Rotterdam

'Show World Order' by Valentina Vaccarella at Other Subject, New York

Group Exhibition #1 at FR MoCA, Fall River

'Current assets' by Sebastian Hedevang at C.C.C., Copenhagen

'Follow the Rainbow', Group Show Curated by TZVETNIK at ISSMAG, Moscow

'PANHUMANO' by Calabash Kids at Cordova, Barcelona

'eddy', Group Show at M23, New York

'Death Knocks Twice' by Christian Roncea at Sedentary Enslavement, Lahaina, Hawai

'A Lady Cut the Hem of Her Dress to Not Wake Up Her Cat' by Natalie Ochoa at Catb

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