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'ALKOVE' by Rolf Nowotny at Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

Naked Peasant into Alcove seeps
Enshrined within House asleep
In obedience to a Floral pattern
In obedience to a Floral pattern

“What belongs to shadow slick and dark? My long dead Mother, I saw her slither about.
 And out in the moor, blue under the moon, naked and shivering; I saw Father, the Tyrant of my youth, by my window arrive mute. With a baleful stare, bathed in the night he sought my blood, my skin and my hearth.”

Sunrise bleeds through Window Wounds 
Peasant from Alcove disentombes
and wears the Regional Dress 
and wears the Regional Dress 

28.11.20 — 23.1.21

Christian Andersen

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