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'Chocolate Factory' by Giulia Essyad at Cherish, Geneva

I chewed and changed for the bluest.
— Giulia as Violet Beauregarde

Leave my body [planet] or die in it.
Giulia as a Na’vi proverb 

often in meeting those so unaffected, larger
yet in size we were not easy
to fool, speaking in riddles unbeknownst we
should have known better, tart nothings 

i write this in worry on backs of boxes wrapping
tin deflections caught in the wind 

it comes in waves
the shipping docks
sites of insurrection, i digress, where
will we find ourselves
at the wits end of all things
we knew and needed, were we not
fed, scrunched down, factory town,
only with such shed can we even begin but ponder,
what is a mercy in such caste,
blinded sepulcher marry me not
to the night so artificial, we could have sworn,
a case terminal, well one day we will, goddess willing, leave this place 

— Cherish 

26.1.20 — 1.3.20


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