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'Delirious Athens' by Evi Kalogiropoulou at Kunstverein Dresden

Evi Kalogiropoulou is concerned with ancient feminist concepts and myths relevant to the female body. How were they perceived in the past and how are they represented in today's society? Can new cultural identities arise from the emancipation of the female body in the context of technical developments? 

In her examination of post-feminist theories, the Greek artist not only questions patriarchal historiography, she also inscribes her view in a speculative and questioning continuation of the ancient myths. 

The exhibition Delirious Athens – the artist's first solo exhibition in Germany – shows sculptural works in addition to a filmic work by Kalogiropoulou, examining the connections between mythology, patriarchal social structures and notions of femininity. 

30.1.20 — 2.4.20

Curated by Lotte Puschmann

Photo by Stefan Krauth

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