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'Die Blume Unterirdisch Denken' by Hans-Henning Korb at Fragile, Berlin

Roots with 
we had born, 

primeval sap in the Traum before vision. That is the creative depletion, 

The core split by inversion: 

we slip down the fetal chord 
die Zeitreise 

The magical allows language to die (die Die abysse we die Spirale) 


With Innenwelt we lay energy wie the city träumt die Träume of demoted blaßgraues, the sky and ground exchange purpose. 

and like dream world a city calcifies

To grow the flower with roots towards a sky is the act of surrender. 

— inversion, move nature, ein in child.
— is which fossil inner “and the ear is born” 

— plural, restored, much through the ear 

— Adrienne Herr 

17.4.22 — 8.5.22

Photo by Jonas Wendelin


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