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'Die neue Statik | a new static' by Jonas Roßmeißl
 at Klemm’s, Berlin

A new static, presented in the framework of Gallery Weekend *Discoveries, is the first solo exhibition by Jonas Roßmeißl at Klemm’s.
Jonas Roßmeißl’s work questions the forms, possibilities and conditions of representation, the concepts of publicity and identity, the political spheres of action under repressive systems and the influence of technology and rationalized reproduction in the present.

Roßmeißl radically approaches these topics in an interdisciplinary manner – creating sculptures and complex multi-part settings that go beyond the actual description of problems, investigating the triggering factors that hide behind the deceptive surface of society.
A new static originates from the sensation of a static within continuous movement, the works pervade the appropriation of this standstill as a constitutive moment. Three sculptural clusters will be on display, integrated within a complex activation-obstruction infrastructure, which challenges the means and habits of digital alienation. The logics of information and thus image production, distribution, consumption are disabled and reconfigured in this environment, binding to the material presence of the objectual world and to the act of physical perception.

Roßmeißl’s sculptures rescue historical motifs linked to the world of machinery and technology, providing an idiosyncratic interpretation of iconoclasm in the form of a contemporary Luddism - the output of this creative and thinking process is materialised in works of extreme aesthetic and critical charge. At first sight the works seem to be of destructive nature, but they testify to a draft to reformulate a Creative Destruction.

A new static
will be integrated and enhanced by a publication written by Natalya Serkova (Tzvetnik) and Felix Trautmann (Frankfurt Institute of social research), which will be released in October 2021. 

15.9.21 — 23.10.21


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