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'End Quote' by Beth Collar at Stadium, Berlin

Pressing through the holes perforating the tail bone, muscle-tendrils grabbing onto the crests of your muffin tops, pulling diagonally through the Kegeling eyes, up inside your ball sockets, the light hits the flat irises under huge glazed bubbles of ice, pinholes in the centre of seething red discs, licking sharpened teeth with a sliver of pink-whip tongue, a jawless grin, forcing strong ale down the drunkards neck, colours around every cottage, mist encircling the hamlet, like the bloom on the plums in my mum’s fruit bowl, softens the green of the beech and the brambles, purple bursting blackberry birdshit, meat tenderiser, injection delivery, the demon munching, the vents, the veil, my first kiss, the men shaking their dicks out in the Tiergarten, mistletoe, sand and sawdust soaking up blood, tarmac, mistletoe, the Mammon worshipper, pumping; the nerves themselves are on fire, pimples, mistletoe, those ruby-red traffic-light twin orbs, lit from the side by the distant flames of hell and refracting off the inside of the blown-glass corneas, and, bouncing across the inside of your body - as cold as the cobblestones - the inside of your flesh, the contours only visible through your searching fingers, mumbles, endless, great, endless, on the scale of one to ten, sometimes, I feel, very sad.

11.9.20 — 12.10.20


'Luxury & Labour' by Isabella Darcy at Disneyland Paris, Melbourne

'WELCOME UNIVERSE' by Paul Spengemann at WAF, Vienna

EPISODE 5: 'Exmouth', by Underground Flower & Dharma Initiatives between Texel Is

'MIDDAY' by Adam Alessi at Smart Objects, Los Angeles

'Cicada Songs, Decaying Petrichor' by Chen Pin Tao at Sedentary Enslavement, Laha

'Game' by Viktor Timofeev at MX Gallery, New York

'Microorganisms & Their Hosts' by Mindaugas Gapševičius at Atletika, Vilnius

'Managing Emotions' by Olga Pedan at Neuer Essener Kunstverein, Essen

Play / Cognition (بازی / تمرین) at Solo Show, Online

'Memory' by Kaspars Groševs, Marta Trektere at 427, Riga

'Untitled (MOLLY HOUSE)', a Group Show Curated by Julius Pristauz at EXILE, Vienn

Garden Cult Triennale, Chapter II: Baden-Baden, Germany

'Power must grow, if it doesn't grow it rots' by Dominika Trapp at Karlin Studios

'Flags' by Troels Wörsel at C.C.C., Copenhagen

☼ by chukwumaa + Zoë Argires at New Works, Chicago

'By working the soil we cultivate the skies' by KINDERSPIELE at Macao, Milan

'Sunshine' by Kanrec Sakul at VUNU Gallery, Košice

'DID YOU KISS THE SPOT TO MAKE IT WELL – A tribute to Jadran Sturm (1957-2019)' a

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