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'Free Fall', Group Show Curated by Quinn Schoen at Shoot The Lobster, Los Angeles

Free Fall revolves around the notion of the free fall, and the sensations of groundlessness and disorientation that spring from it. The exhibition features three artists, Vijay Masharani (b. 1995), Justine Neuberger (b. 1993), and Louis Osmosis (b. 1996), who each grapple with disruption as a generative conceptual and compositional mode. Through painting, audio, sculpture, and drawing, they explore frantic, promising new relations between space and temporality. “In falling,” writes Hito Steyerl, “the lines of the horizon shatter, twirl around, and superimpose,” and its symptom is not one of collapsing but, rather, of floating - an extra-worldly suspension in which time thickens, fused to motion. [1] Perspectives shatter, and modes of seeing are transformed and invigorated. This lack of horizon is both destructive and productive: to fall is a state of activation.             

— Quinn Schoen

[1] Hito Steyerl, “In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective,” e-flux journal, issue 24 (April 2011).

16.1.21 — 21.2.21

Vijay Masharani, Justine Neuberger, Louis Osmosis

Shoot The Lobster

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