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'Grommets' by Rasmus Røhling at C.C.C., Copenhagen

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Poster Image CCC / Rasmus Røhling. Grommets. Poster Image. (Keith Haring. St. Sebastian, 1984. Acrylic on canvas, 152,4 x 152,4 cm. © The Keith Haring Foundation)


What do they know about suffering, the new missionaries— 
but they are never wrong—even now,
the American pierced by arrows, supine & leaking
zeal in the nylon web of martyrdom. Three times 

he would not deny them his disease. He demanded 
the blessing of temptation. No cathedral
but a megachurch for flies, its buttresses of youtube 
& ribs, the grommets cedared with allusions. 

There I saw the glory of patagonia
fermenting on the beach, his smiling body stark
among the desiccated refugees in their overflowing rafts 
who did not want god correctly. The helicopter passes 

a small picture of progress & her long edge
pushing the world in two. A couple thumps & beats, 
the thin blood choking a prayer from the flesh— 
this was John Chau’s witness. 

— Travis Diehl 

28.8.20 — 24.9.20

Photo by Brian Kure


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