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'Light at Eight', a Group Show at Loggia, Vienna

Some long distant flights require three pilots in the pilot cabin in order to provide a rest break for everyone. The three are trained equally and each one of them could take over the control at any moment. Being so close to each other in such a small space, with artificial light, surrounded by electronic flight instruments can provide a challenge. Apart from controlling the technical issues, they have to also communicate amongst one another. To a certain degree all of them share the passion of aviation. It’s an advantage if the three of them get along well, are able to create a relaxing atmosphere, tell each other some anecdotes, share insights on their privet life, talk politics. But it could get problematic if everyone has the same opinion on everything, – psychologically you slightly tend to agree on the data interpretation of the control system, or all three could fall into the same melancholic mood… After eight hours the second meal is served, when separation is materialized. Each of the pilots has to eat a different menu, – for safety reasons!
One gets squid ink infused tagliatelle, the second – huge meatballs and the third has perogies filled with cauliflower. Otherwise there is a small chance that an expired dish paralyzes all of them or poison attacks in mid air. 

— Женя Wist

23.1.20 — 31.5.20

Photo by Flavio Palasciano


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