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'Never Early but Always On Time', Group Show at Apartment 13, Providence

The idea came to me when we were closing the last show, a solo presentation of Adam Revington’s work, and there was a period of at least three weeks before the installation of the next show could occur. For 9 months now, an unused piece that Eric Schmid made has traveled with me and Baijun, my fiancé, to several different apartments/rentals without ever being hung. The idea that I initially proposed to Eric was that he and I would do a two person show of our unused or “unloved” work that would last only until the next show was to be set up, so that Eric’s painting wouldn’t be left unseen indefinitely. The show grew naturally into what it is now from me talking to Eric and then Harry and Jason about this show. Harry is showing the only large oil painting he’s ever made/will ever make which he’s planned to destroy after its showing. Jason is showing a piece he was initially making for his solo show at Svetlana but did not end up realizing the piece there. Eamon is showing a sculpture that includes a preserved dead bee he tried to revive in his house when he found it dying. Michael is showing a work he really likes from 2015. Robert is showing a recent drawing. I included a sound sculpture of me at a low point, getting fired from my job in fall 2021. 
— Joshua Boulos

6.12.21 — 16.12.21

Robert Bittenbender, Joshua Boulos, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Jason Hirata, Eric Schmid, Michael E. Smith, Eamon Wagner

Apartment 13

'Old Sun, New Sun', Group Show Curated by Andrew Sung Taek Ingersoll at Et al., S

'The Houses Of The Serpent Bearer. The 9th House' by Mónica Mays & Flora Yin-Wong

'Dream Archipelago', Group Show Curated by Sergey Guskov at Smena, Kazan

'Eternal Flame', Group Show at Shore, Vienna

'Cosmovisions', Group Show at Medusa Offspace, Brussels

'No Time To Explain' by Paul Robas at Solito, Naples

'Night Rider' by Yan Posadsky at Devyatnadtsat’, Moscow

'Funding Emotions' by Magnus Frederik Clausen and Kaare Ruud at Cantina, Aarhus

'What I felt for you was love', Group Show at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver

'Mirror Stage' by Bora Akinciturk and Ella Fleck at Shipton, London

‘Millions Now Living Will Never Die!’ by Ian Swanson at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'VEGAN' by Jack Jubb at house of spouse, Vienna

'Fresh Hell' by Jonah Pontzer at Rose Easton, London

'It's quite like Guggenheim', Group Show at Ringcenter 1, Berlin

'OUTER DARKNESS', Off-Site Project by Allyson Packer in 1698 GALISTEO, SANTA FE

'mareas' by Elizabeth Burmann at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago

'Vape Cloud Premonition' by Sam Hutchinson at Forth, Nottingham

'Punch-Drunk' by Yutaro Ishikawa at LAID BUG, Tokyo

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