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'Proposition Joe' by raúl i. lima at WAF Galerie, Vienna

Proposition Joe is a character from the television series The Wire.
The title of this show doesn't really have too much to do with this HBO series,
but you should perhaps watch it anyways.
raúl i. lima made a cardboard brickwork on our windows, a resolute one — a display wall, a window to not watch into but through its gaps.raúl i. lima is glad to use construction materials for making his artworks, but if the conditions are adverse there's propositions and proposals to take into consideration.

"it's humorous but also serious." 

—jennifer gelardo

23.4.20 — 3.5.20

Poem by Dina Rosenhek

WAF Galerie

'Un Paysan Heureux', Off-Site Group Show, Lausanne

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'Splendido' by Paolo Brambilla at Secret Location, Italy

'Jung Thug' by Tissue Evolution Club at CAC, Vilnius

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'No Hot Water the Boiler is Broken' by Jack Pryce for the Body Archive Project

'Laminar Body^ies' by Natalia Janula at Final Hot Desert, Utah

'No Teeth Left', a Group Show by Collective Disgrace at Tunnel Tunnel, Lausanne

'STAY SAFE', Off-Site Group Show by Shivers Only, Chantemanche

'Anticipatory Grief' by Michael Bussell at Vent Space, Baltimore

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'Burial of the White Man' by EXILE, Kleiner Gleichberg, Thuringia

'Ideas of Good and Evil' by Maddie Kuzak at darkZone, New Jersey

'Am Zahn - der Zorn' by Jonas Wiese and Lennart Mink Weber at Galerie Raumlinksre

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