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'Queens of God Complex' by Julius Pristauz at WAF Galerie, Vienna

„Pinkwashing the market value“ 

With this series of mostly new works, Julius Pristauz further investigates mechanisms of representation and the commercialization of queer (sub)culture. Exploring the perfomativity of gender as well as the use of such for the means of self-expression and entertainment, certain stereotypes and predetermined roles in society are being worked off in pieces that cross various media. 

Building a narrative throughout the space that has personal experiences at its core, the show evolves around broader topics such as „pinkwashing“, the manifestation of female characters and the generic construction of (queer) identity. With the means of establishing an emancipatory practice but equally trying to focus on a concept of inclusion, one part of the exhibition contains several collaborative works that were created together with other artists. 

The presented physical works are being supplemented by a performance piece that moves boundaries, showing off popular culture positioned in different contexts. Multilayered and as an addition to recent performances, it blends elements of personal writings, lyrics of popsongs, lip-syncing, karaoke and other forms of reenacting. 

10.1.20 — 26.1.20

'Queens Of God Complex' includes contributions by:

Katharina Trieb, Karolin Brägger, Lea Dippold, Sara Röth, Lisa Jäger and Philipp Zöhrer

Fashion by Anna Skvortsova

WAF Galerie

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