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'Road To Know Where' by Joachim Coucke & Olga Fedorova at Tatjana Pieters, Gent

We are excited to welcome you at ‘Road To Know Where’, a duo exhibition by Joachim Coucke & Olga Fedorova. Both their practices examine the impact of technology and the internet on our daily lives. They translate the dangerous tendency of becoming ‘screen addicts’ into installations, sculptures & printed images. It is their first appearance at the gallery, and after many collaborations on several occasions, their first presentation in dialogue. 

Joachim Coucke proposes questions about the fast changing society under the influence of technology, the internet and social media. The question is no longer if we’re on- or offline, but rather how our brain copes with these new situations, how it gets remapped and what the influence of social media on our behaviour is. With his works Coucke wants to create an awareness towards these new conditions, making the ever widening gap between reality and representation in the Internet Age visible. 

The work of Olga Fedorova is as visually complex as it is seductive. Her images are digital 3D renders of seemingly ready-made characters, placed in a clinically detached and impersonal world. Fedorova’s works are typified by the detached dreamlike atmosphere they evoke, feeling both alien and familiar, comforting and disturbing. 

8.3.20 — 12.4.20

Photo by Kelly Van Looveren

Tatjana Pieters

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