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'Road To Know Where' by Joachim Coucke & Olga Fedorova at Tatjana Pieters, Gent

'ça va bien, mais ça va mal' by Merzedes Šturm-Lie at Komplot @ Chateau Nour, Bru

'Fixed Gear' by Emmy Skensved, Hosted by Superdeals at Château Nour, Brussels

'VERDANT' by Mirko Canesi at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

'Wibber glurp zark!' by Angélique Aubrit, Ludovic Beillard at Komplot @ Chateau N

'Beati Babies' by Alexander Iezzi at Kantine, Brussels

'forgets in knots' by Lauren Gault at Kantine, Brussels

'Altered Beast' by Pierre Clement at COHERENT, Brussels

'Le Trogloxène', a Group Show at Deborah Bowmann Brussels

'Le Songe', a Group Show at Espace Moss, Brussels

'With Bruised Knees They Stumbled Clumsily Over Roots Of Broken Silence', a Grou

'Esprit Ecstasy' by Benjamin Bernt & Jill Kiddon at HouseFront, Brussels

'Bonding in Whispers', a Group Show at c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels

'When Hurricanes Are Coming People Tend To Drink More Beer' by Marian Luft & Ronn

'PALMSTRÖM' by Jorge Diezma at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

'Ghost Town', a Group Show at COHERENT, Brussels

'Life sucks' by Angélique Aubrit and Coraline Guilbeau at Zsenne art lab, Brusse

Concertissimo Annullato @ Thalys, Brussels - Paris / Paris - Brussels