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'Seæmings' by Zach Meisner at MICKEY, Chicago

Carrying the genetic code of painting, and reorienting the traditional agents of picture making, Zach Meisner constructs compact, three-dimensional receptacles for color and light. In this selection of his latest work, paint behaves as a substrate for itself—a flexible, semi-transparent fabric, stretched over carefully fashioned supports. By means of carving, assembling, and painting, Meisner creates idiosyncratic objects that run the gamut between geometric and amoebic. As the works draw and disperse the viewer’s attention throughout their space, they amplify the tension between image and object, raising questions about the nature of vision, perception and experience. 

3.6.22 — 17.7.22


'Green Belt', Group Show Curated by Em Marie Davenport at Jargon Projects, Chicag

'Cellular' by Andrei Pokrovskii at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'Rest' by Quay Quinn Wolf at Prairie, Chicago

'Bright Lights, Big City & No Fun', Curated by No Gallery at Shoot The Lobster, N

'Eavesdropping' by Adam Cruces at Blue Velvet Projects, Zurich

'QUALITY OF LIFE' by Brad Logan Heappey at Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland

'Klammern aus denen Blätter Sprießen', Group Show at Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los A

'Mirror Runs Mouth' by Cooper Jacoby at High Art, Arles

'A Throw of the Dice' by Arthur Golyakov at Devyatnadtsat’, Moscow

'Lèche-vitrine', Group Show at Cocotte, Treignac

'Masters and Servants', Group Show Curated by Guillaume Breton at Centre d’art Yg

Anna Solal, Arthur Marie Curated by Ilya Smirnov at Lily Robert, Paris

'down4u' by Taka Kono at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo

'Controra Ep. I', Group Show Curated by Like A Little Disaster at Palazzo San Giu

'a fairy show II' at Veronica, Seattle

'The Curious' by Marta Frėjutė at VAA gallery Artifex, Vilnius

'The Room', Group Show at South Parade, London

'New Rain' by Littlewhitehead at Nir Altman, Munich

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