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'Shelter of Trust II', Group Show at De Liceiras 18, Porto

Out of fear of failure, lack of success, disappointment and betrayal. Out of fear of the future, fear of utopian visions and fear of enslavement of the mind by the corporate rhetoric, we find ourselves weak and vulnerable before others, but especially before ourselves. The multiplying matter of prosperity swallows all leisure time and, even though we are loved, we cannot find the fulfilment of love. 

Those, who consider themselves to be lone wolves, often sink into a vain fight and frenzy, while those, who are seeking connection with a group, become rowdies or extremists in the eyes of others. 

A disbalance emerges from excess of knowledge and it, qua »restlessness«, maintains our inner movement. And a person, who fell out of the order of nature due to the excess of knowledge, must create an artificial world for themselves in which they could live. 

For many of these reasons we are prompted to lead a subcultural way of life. The sense of belonging, however, still doesn’t lead us to self-realization and the desire for a deeper sharing urges us on. It urges us to live in a group. 
— Ondřej Doskočil

1.12.20 — 31.1.21

With works by Klára Švandová, Ondřej Doskočil, Luiza Leitão, Gaspar Cohen, Olan Monk

Curated by Klára Švandová and Ondřej Doskočil

Photo by Alice Clanet-Hallard, Edgar Brito, Klára Švandová, Johanna Dembinski

De Liceiras 18

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