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'Soul-Mating Fatigue' by Zoë Field at Medium P, Berlin

Hey there little Monkey
     U my lil monkey

I want to chew on the gristle of my envy and just toss the carcass. Then there would be no more lover left. I made the magic and I take it away. I made you to be the latest mandarine. In the shadow of your predecessors, you’re just another set of teeth.

I’ve got Soul-Mating Fatigue
But I’m still drinkable
Wanna be my Durstlöscher?
Drag me by the nape of my neck?
Through the sewer of my mind?

Yea I’m drinkable
I’ve got all 10 fingers and toes
A shiny coat
You can pet me or neglect me
Tuck me into a small and stinky bed

Okay lets start from hero then 

11.12.21 — 1.31.22

Medium P

'Shadow Banned' by Michael Bussell at Plague Space, Krasnodar

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'Bigag & The Bando' by Theodor Nymark at aaaa Nordhavn, Copenhagen

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'LIBERTY' by Débora Delmar at GALLLERIA PÌU, Bologna

'HEARTH' by Liam Denny at Greenhouse Off-Site, Melbourne

'CANDALÙ' by Rachele Maistrello at Almanac, Turin

'Thought-Forms' by Andy Ralph Presented by Final Hot Desert, Nephi, Utah

'The Laws Of Hospitality' by Travis John Ficarra at Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne

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