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'Une histoire d’amour', a Group Show at one gee in fog, Geneva

lining up against one another
 while facing opposite directions,
 sonnenstube ♥ one gee in fog will mate like earthworms do
 as the act of mating is accomplished
 – with reproduction still in the making –
 each of them will go her separate way

 allungate l'una contro l'altra
 mentre sono rivolte in direzioni opposte,
 sonnenstube ♥ one gee in fog lo faranno come i lombrichi
 e una volta finito
 - con la procreazione ancora in atto -
 ognuno di loro andrà per la sua strada

6.3.20 — 8.3.20

with the voices of Garance Bonard, Romain Grateau & Camille Stora and Lea Sarde on Lumpen Station

With works by Miriam Gili, Lucas Herzig, Thomas Liu Le Lann and Andrea Marioni and Lucas Herzig hosted by Nada

Photo by Théa Giglio

one gee in fog

'Field of Flowers' by Anna Taganzeva-Kobzeva at Fabula Gallery, Moscow

'WEBWAY' by Jennifer Mathews and Mia Middleton at Haydens Gallery, Melbourne

'Body Without Organs
' by Matt Smoak at BAD WATER, Knoxville

'Aladdin Kebab', Group Show Curated by TZVETNIK at, Rostov-on-Don

'Squeaky Beach' by Collective Disgrace (Ilana Winderickx, Sophie Conus, Pablo Rez

'Session N1 Distant touch' by Sasha Gosmant and Olesia Lavrinenko at Daipyat, Vor

'...schläft sich durch' by Elif Saydam at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg

'Flesh of Earth' by Suzanna Zak at Prairie, Chicago

Proudfoot & Piasecka (ft. Nima Séne, Ailie Ormston and William Darrell), ENSEMBLE

'Šedý girlandy' by Anka Helfert at Studio PRÁM, Prague

'Castles III' by Jesse Sullivan at apartment 13

'You Likey?' by Joe W. Speier at King’s Leap, New York

'À fleur de boue' by Cecilia Granara & Pierre Unal-Brunet at Double Séjour, Clich

'Fog Palace' by Philip Hinge & Club Superette (presented by Catbox Contemporary)

'Truth' by Alexey Zhuravlev at Gallery Victoria, Samara

'Siren Fort', Off-Site Group Show at Rozel Point Oil Field, Utah

'Glück für Sorgenkinder' by Isadora Vogt at Sentiment, Zurich

'Tales of Nursing' by Loren Kagny at eeeeh!, Nyon

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